little buck organics is a working family farm in hammonton nj. founded by the owners of the farm, louis and elizabeth condo. on the farm our main crops are organic blueberries .our berries are certified organic by kosher and n.o.f.a and the best flavor you can imagine. maybe even beyond your imagination!

in a sustainable farm system, the soil is an ecosystem, increasing in biotic diversity, evolving through successive states and progressing to a climax situation. as ecological farmers, we have the ability to nurture this progression while extracting a living from the miraculous organism we call the soil.

  the only way soil develops is by plant roots penetrating and interacting with it. and the only way this interaction is sustainable is if untold numbers and types of soil microorganisms flourish in and on the plants' roots and vascular systems.

this soil continuum is the only situation that produces truly nutritious food which, in turn, restores our bodies on a daily basis. unfortunately, many modern organic production practices tillage, irrigation, monocultures, hydroponics, modern organic salad production disturb and often disconnect plants from the magic of the plant-soil interface.

at little buck organics, we have placed this single strategy at the heart of our food-production philosophy and we will continue to be leaders in soil evolution for the production of nutritious food. organic farming was straight-forward and had integrity until the early 90s. the new organic law says there is nothing beyond organic. we beg to differ. we feel that the soil continuum is a fundamental aspect of ecological production that is beyond what "organic" has become!



read about littlebuck organics in this months article of edible jersey.

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